Professor, Wissam Aoun with member of the European Patent Office (EPO) standing in front of a window holding a book entitled Then European PatentProfessor Aoun is currently working on a long term research project that has been tentatively entitled, “Between Legality and Legitimacy in Patent Agent Regulation.”   Specifically, he is looking at the history of regulation in various jurisdictions, current regulatory mechanisms (such as institutional bodies, educational requirements and measures of competency) and the future of the profession in light of trends in the changing modalities of legal services generally.


Early research has involved an analysis of the history of Canadian, UK and Australian regulation and current work involves an analysis of the major filing jurisdictions, specifically, the US and the EPO.  Professor Aoun spent several days in May 2017 in Munich at the EPO with individuals responsible for oversight of licensing of European patent attorneys reviewing some of the historical trends in regulation, current validation efforts pertaining to setting entry standards to the profession as well as discussion of the future of the European profession.


Professor Aoun is continuing his exploration of the regulation of patent attorneys/agents from a legality perspective, namely, administrative law mechanisms in place to ensure legitimacy in the governance of professionals.

He ultimately hopes that this research will result in a draft book manuscript, which will be completed by the end of 2018.