Grigor Grigorian
JD ’19

Working on a research project with Professor Pascale Chapdelaine, looking at Access to Justice as it relates to copyright user remedies. Also researching issues of  consumer deception on the internet.





Andrew Gunpat
JD’ 19

Working with Professor Pascale Chapdelaine on identifying potential misrepresentation and deception of E-Commerce companies toward consumers. Specifically examining social media companies, search engines, and ratings companies (ex: Yelp) to determine if any of their search algorithms or other behind-the scenes customer-facing operations have the potential to deceive consumers.




Joanna Pawlowski
JD ’19

Joanna is working on various research projects with Professor Kristen Thomasen, primarily assisting Professor Thomasen by researching the legal, social, and ethical implications of robotic technologies and artificial intelligence.




Raffaella Rullo
JD ’18

Working on a project with Professor Pascale Chapdelaine, exploring the ability to copyright graffiti art in Canada. The work will hopefully become a contribution to a larger study of the intersection between graffiti and various international copyright regimes.