Talking Trademarks with Mary Boney Denison (Sept. 2018)

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Reframing the Metadata Debate with Privacy Preserving Lawful Access Technologies (PPLATs) (Sept. 2018)

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EPIC LAW SERIES: You Wouldn’t Download a Car? (April 2018)

Offered an engaging session on the global challenges and opportunities for innovation, 3D printing and intellectual property law in the automotive industry led by renowned Australian intellectual property law scholar, Dr. Matthew Rimmer.









Copyright Users and Personal Property in the Digital Economy (April 2018)

A conversation and Q&A between Professors Aaron Perzanowski and Pascale Chapdelaine about their respective books, and the upcoming challenges and opportunities in the digital economy.


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Expert Panel on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Legal Profession (March 2018)

Windsor Law’s LTEC Lab and Windsor Intellectual Property & Information Technology (WIPIT) Club offered an opportunity to learn about how breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, nanotechnology, quantum computing and biotechnology will influence the landscape of future legal careers, in what has been coined the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”


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2018 International Patent Drafting Competition (February 2018)


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Accessibility in Autonomous Vehicle Policy Flier


 Accessibility in Autonomous Vehicle Policy (February 2018)

Autonomous vehicles are often referred to, by designers and policy-makers alike, as a technology that will bring greater inclusivity and accessibility to transit. This panel brought together experts in autonomous vehicle technology and regulation, accessibility, and city transit planning to discuss some of the technological, regulatory and accessibility questions surrounding autonomous vehicles, and to highlight access to justice issues related to the potential growing use of autonomous vehicles within cities.


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Book Launch: Pascale Chapdelaine, Copyright User Rights, Contracts, and the Erosion of Property
(January 2018)

The event featured a talk by the author on her influences and the book’s key themes and takeaways, as well an introduction by Bob Tarantino, which highlighted the significance of Prof. Chapdelaine’s contribution to the copyright user rights discourse. For a summary please check out IP Osgoode’s blog about the event here.   You can find out more about the book here. 















Trademarks: An International Perspective (September 2017)

The International Intellectual Property Law Clinic hosted a discussion about trademarks and trademark careers from an international perspective provided by the Commissioner for Trademarks from the United States Patent Office (USPTO), Mary Denison and Director General, Information/Business Services of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), Darlene Carreau.










Robots at Common Law (September 2017)

Ryan Calo, Lane Powell and D. Wayne Gittinger Associate Professor
University of Washington School of Law


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Copyright User Rights and Access to Justice Symposium (May 2017)

 – Video coverage of interview with David Vaver, Osgoode Hall Law School & University of Oxford

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Meera Nair, Copyright Officer, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, discusses her experience at the 2017 Copyright User Rights and Access to Justice Symposium







Faculty Seminar Series:
A Leap of Faith into the Future of 3D-bioprinting: A Patenting Perspective (March 2017)
Jamil Ammar

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autonomous vehicle



LTECLAb Wine and Cheese and Round Table Discussion on Autonomous Vehicles (March 2017)

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2017 International Patent Drafting Competition (February 2017)






WINTER 2017 EPIC LAW SERIES: Lunch and Learn

Using Design Patents to Protect High Technology (February 2017)







Use Less Trade-Marks & Evolving Strategies (February 2017)





Clinic Launch Invite




International IP Clinic Launch Event (January 2017)










FALL 2017 EPIC LAW SERIES: Lunch and Learn

  • Copyright or Patent: How to Protect My Software
   18 October 2017, University of Windsor

Copyright: Hero or Villain? Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs Artists and Creators
25 October 2017, University of Windsor

Strategic Ways to Use Industrial Designs to Build IP Value
8 November 2017, University of Windsor

  • What’s in a Name? Examining the Interaction Between Branding and Trademarks
  29 November 2017, University of Windsor