PRIVACY LAW IN CANADA (08-98-971-65)
3 Credits-Paper Course
Instructor: Dana Young and Adam Bulkiewicz

Course Description:

Privacy is emerging as one of the central issues of our times and in consequence privacy law is developing as a relatively new and very dynamic area of law. This course will explore the different policy perspectives informing privacy law and at the same time offer students opportunities to become involved in a number of practice-orientated reinforcing exercises. In this way students will experience policy in action, gaining first-hand knowledge of some of the challenges privacy law poses for individuals, professionals, employers, businesses, charities, not-for-profit organizations and government institutions.

This course will begin with an exploration of the meaning of privacy. It will highlight how the interpretation of privacy defines the way in which legislation addresses privacy rights in various sectors. Moreover, this course will challenge students to consider under what circumstances the public interest outweighs an individual’s privacy rights, how the definition of “privacy” influences public discourse, and how our laws and regulations are impacted by, and themselves impact, technical innovation.