(a club of the Student Law Society)

2018/19 Legal Innovation Hub
From left:   Khelan Soogrim, Cory Simard, Natalie Tomaszczyk,
Vinay Thapliyal, Annette Demers (Advisor),
Pani Sarkis, Curtis Ryan


Facilitate an environment that allows students from various disciplines to develop creative problem-solving skills and build an entrepreneurial mindset that uses technology, leadership and networking to solve the legal industry’s problems.
This space will enable Windsor Law students to gain competitive advantage and enable them to become holistically successful lawyers of tomorrow.

This is a new initiative at Windsor Law, with several ideas currently in the works.

Join!  New members are encouraged to contact the Chair.


Chair: Vinay Thapliyal  

Members:  Pani Sarkis, Iman Sharifpour, Khelan Soogrim, Ali Tejani,
Natalie Tomaszczyk, Cory Simard, Curtis Ryan, Kayvan Vakili

Advisory Board: Annette Demers, Law Librarian; Professors Pascale Chapdelaine, Myra Tawfik, Noel Semple, Francine Schlosser

Assistant:  Connie Beaudoin

For more information:  legalinnovation@uwindsor.ca

The Legal Innovation Hub kicks off their 2019-20 year with their first event.

From left: Mona Datt (Speaker from Loom Analytics), Annette Demers, Vinay Thapliyal, Adam Wells (Speaker from Blue J Legal) and Ali Tejani.

2019 EPIC Blue Sky Entry – Legal Innovation Hub Student Entry Video