Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) Webinar: IP Foundations for Women Entrepreneurs

Madiha Khan, Student Writer, Windsor Law LTEC Lab Dual J.D., 2019   On November 18, 2017, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) hosted a webinar for current and aspiring female entrepreneurs, with a special focus on how intellectual property (IP) can be utilized to enhance business outcomes. The webinar was delivered by Darlene Carreau, the… Continue reading


Another Win for Nintendo Giant: A Review of the Federal Court’s Decision on Technological Protection Measures

Monica Carinci Student Writer, Windsor Law LTEC Lab J.D., 2018   In 2012, a separate legal framework was added to Canada’s Copyright Act (“the Act”), which prohibits the circumvention of technological protection measures (“TPMs”) and manufacturing and offering for sale devices that allow for the circumvention of TPMs. This framework was first applied by the… Continue reading


Outdoor Legal Education: An afternoon at the museum with Wafaa Bilal

Photo inside the Art Gallery of a bench in front of a wall with 3 pictures

In this blog, Professor Pascale Chapdelaine discusses the pedagogical value of taking law students outside the classroom through a unique experience she had when she and her copyright law students visited the Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario in the spring 2016. Read more…..