Professor Wissam Aoun’s Spy Watch Invention as a Catalyst to Student Learning

Drawing of Spy Watch prototype

Pani Sarkis Student Writer, Windsor Law LTEC Lab J.D., 2019   Professor Wissam Aoun is the Director of the International Intellectual Property Law Clinic and a Law Professor at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. In a recent interview with Windsor Law LTEC Lab, he discussed the patent grant that he recently received for… Continue reading


Patents as “public franchises”: The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Oil States Energy Services, LLC v Greene’s Energy Group, LLC

Aaraf Dewan, M.Sc. Student Writer, Windsor Law LTEC Lab  Dual J.D., 2019   The patent system is heralded as a system created to encourage and incentivize innovation. While patent systems have existed since the 1400s, [1] the motivations behind them, their objectives, and their forms are constantly evolving in order to strike a balance between the rights of… Continue reading