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Pascale Chapdelaine


(519) 253-3000 ext. 2961


Pascale Chapdelaine is Co-Founder of Windsor Law LTEC Lab and is an Associate Professor at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law. Her broad research interests in law, technology, and society span various subjects at the intersection of copyright, contracts, property, privacy law, e-commerce, from the perspective of consumers and citizens. Her book Copyright User Rights, Contracts and the Erosion of Property (Oxford University Press, 2017) defines the rights of consumers and other users to works protected by copyright (e.g. books, software, music, films) in ever changing technological environments. Some of her more recent research looks at algorithmic business practices and extraction of personal data, and how this leads to price and other forms of personalisation or discrimination in e-commerce, media content, and social media.

Ongoing Research Projects:

Professor Chapdelaine’s current research projects include:​​

  • Algorithmic Personalized Pricing (Legal and Normative Issues)

  • Intellectual Property and Private Law Theory and Right to Repair

  • Interdisciplinary research on regulation of digital media platforms

  • Interdisciplinary research on regulation of crowd funding, crowd sourcing and other types of donations

  • Redefining Privacy and other Consumer Harms

View Dr. Chapdelaine’s publications 

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Myra Tawfik

Faculty Member

Don Rodzik Family Chair in Law and Entrepreneurship
Distinguished University Professor

(519) 253-3000 ext. 2935

Myra Tawfik is an expert in IP law.
Her research and teaching interests lie in the areas of copyright law, trademark law, international IP law, IP strategy and IP legal history. Her book, For the Encouragement of Learning: The Origins of Canadian Copyright Law (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2023), explores the genesis of Canadian copyright law using legal history and book history research methodologies. She is also the co-author (with Karima Bawa) of The Intellectual Property Guide: IP Literacy and Strategy Basics for Innovators (Edmonton: Brush Education, 2019), which provides foundational IP knowledge for early stage entrepreneurs.

Ongoing Research Projects:

  • In partnership with EPICentre, launch of SpeakHER series on Law and Entrepreneurship

  • In partnership with EPICentre and Dr. Francine Schlosser, Odette School of Business, launch of annual forum on Law and Entrepreneurship

  • Research on gender-based systemic barriers within the IP system – including a commissioned report for Innovation Asset Collective (co-authored with Heather Pratt) “Study of the underrepresentation of women and women-identifying IP-rights holders, company founders, and senior leadership,” 2021, University of Windsor.

  • Research on 19th century women copyright registrants in the Province of Canada (1841-1867)


Vincent Manzerolle

Faculty Member

(519) 253-3000 ext. 2847

Vincent Manzerolle’s teaching and research deals with the history, political economy, and theory of media.
He has published on a range of topics including financial technologies, digital marketing and advertising strategies, consumer databases, apps, wireless connectivity, border infrastructure, online audiences, mobile payment systems, and media theory.


Karima Bawa

Scholar in Residence

Karima Bawa is the chair of the Board for IP Ontario, is a member of the Board of Directors for the College of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents and a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance and Innovation.
She is also the co-author of The Intellectual Property Guide: IP Literacy and Strategy Basics for Supporting Innovation. Karima has extensive experience in strategically developing, managing and leveraging intellectual property and has had the privilege of managing and directing diverse legal functions including serving as the former General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer for BlackBerry as it grew its operations from North America to 175+ countries. 

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Wissam Aoun

Faculty Member

519-253-3000 ext. 4207

Wissam Aoun is an Assistant Professor at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law.  His research focuses on intellectual property, with a particular interest in international comparative patent law and practice, and intellectual property clinical and experiential education. Outside of intellectual property, Wissam’s work explores theories of regulation and administration, with a particular focus on the regulation of professions, including materialist and non-materialist theories of capture.


Professor Wissam Aoun has notably brought together emerging scholars through a dedicated seminar series "Transnational IP Law & Innovation" hosted by LTEC Lab. Additionally, he designed and led the "Claiming Inventions: Philosophies, Principles and Practices" certificate program. 

View his research on his SSRN Author page

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Muharem Kianieff

Faculty Member

(519) 253-3000 ext. 2957

Muharem Kianieff is an Associate Professor at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law.

His research interests include Corporate & Commercial Law, Banking and Negotiable Instruments, Payment Systems, Electronic Commerce, Consumer Protection, Law and Economics, and Public Policy Formation in Canada.

Professor Kianieff's research looks at the role that regulation plays as it applies to innovations in payment mechanisms and financial technology. By using economic and historical analyses, Professor Kianieff seeks to make proposals for reform that make products safer for consumers and increases access to justice. 

Professor Kianieff’s current work focuses on FinTech, Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, payment mechanisms, consumer protection, privacy and financial reform.

He is the author of the recent Informa Law book, “Blockchain Technology and the Law: Opportunities and Risks.” He is also the author of a number of articles that have been published by leading Canadian Law Reviews and has co-authored a piece (with Professor Benjamin Geva) for the International Monetary Fund. 

Professor Kianieff has developed and now teaches a course in Blockchain Technologies and Commercial Law. The course, one of the first of its kind, exposes students to many of the legal and consumer protection issues that surround the development of distributed ledgers and their commercial applications.

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Vincent Wong

Faculty Member

(519) 253-3000 ext. 3954

Vincent Wong is an Assistant Professor at University of Windsor, Faculty of Law and a PhD Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School, where he researches the production and invisibilization of undocumented (status-excluded) labour in Canada.
His research interests also include racial capitalism and the circulation of AI-enabled surveillance and policing technologies.

Recent Publications: 

Vincent Wong, Racial capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: analyzing the political economy of racialized dispossession and exploitation of Uyghur and other non-Han Indigenous populations in Xinjiang (2022) 3 African Journal of International Economic Law 1.

Vincent Wong, Ethnoracial Legal Clinics and the Praxis of Critical Race Theory in Canada (2020) 16:1 Journal of Law & Equality 63-92.


Mita Williams

Law Librarian (Acting)

Mita Williams is the Acting Law Librarian at the University of Windsor’s Law Library.
Mita Williams is the Acting Law Librarian at the University of Windsor’s Law Library. She speaks and writes about libraries, civic tech, and how to imagine better futures with others. She regularly shares law and technology stories on her blog, Librarian of Things.

Recent Publications

Williams, Mita. ‘Play Where You Are: Why Libraries Should Host Location-Based Games’. Journal of Play in Adulthood 4, no. 2 (2022).

Williams, Mita. ‘Ending Enclosure by Copying the Commons’. The Open/Technology in Education, Society, and Scholarship Association Conference 1, no. 1 (24 December 2021): 1–4.

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