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Who We Are

The Law and Technology Lab (LTEC Lab) is a community of interest that gathers University of Windsor faculty, students, and alumni whose research, teaching and experiential learning initiatives revolve around the themes of law and technology embedded within our institutional themes of access to justice and transnational law.

LTEC Lab builds on the work of Windsor Law’s LTEC program, which started in 2013. LTEC Lab retains a focus on clinical and experiential learning as well as a commitment to outreach programs for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

“Lab” denotes Windsor Law’s progressive and innovative approach to legal research, teaching and experiential learning, the desire to experiment, test the law, and set new boundaries in these areas.

LTEC Lab falls within the University’s Strategic Mandate to enhance the University of Windsor research and teaching in defined forward thinking areas, promote interdisciplinary research and teaching and to service the needs of the Windsor-Essex-Detroit community, including its various first nations communities.

LTEC Lab approaches law and technology with a particular focus on access to justice and transnationalism, the two pillars that inform our teaching, experiential learning, and research at Windsor Law.

LTEC Lab was created in the spring 2017. Between 2017-2020, LTEC Lab has hosted 18 symposiums, seminars and roundtables gathering over 80 academics, lawyers, representatives from the federal, provincial, municipal levels ​of government, business leaders, students, in law, engineering, computer sciences, bio tech and business.  

LTEC Lab provides a platform to discuss critical issues of law and the legal profession at the intersection of emerging technologies, from an access to justice, transnational and interdisciplinary perspective. These forums enable several research collaborations. LTEC Lab actively participates in/develops experiential learning opportunities for Windsor Law students. To read all of the LTEC Lab Reports, please click here.

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