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Aaron Perzanowski

Inaugural Thomas W. Lacchia Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School.

Seminar: The Intellectual Property Implications of the Right to Repair


March 9th 1:30-3pm 

Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre - Room 239

Remote attendance & recording options available. 

In recent years, legislators and regulators in North America, Africa, Australia, Europe, and elsewhere have recognized the obstacles facing consumers who want to repair the devices they buy. The ongoing debate over the right to repair implicates deep concerns about individual autonomy, competition policy, and environmental justice. But at the core of that debate is a set of questions about the appropriate scope and purpose of intellectual property rights. From software locks to patented replacement parts, IP profoundly shapes the availability of repair and the legal interventions that could help restore it. In this seminar, Aaron Perzanowski will address these topics. 

About Aaron Perzanowski

Aaron Perzanowski is the inaugural Thomas W. Lacchia Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School. He teaches and writes about the intersection of intellectual and personal property law. 

Much of his work explores the notion of ownership in the digital economy. His books include The End of Ownership, and The Right to Repair. His current book project addresses how shifting conceptions of ownership threaten to undermine the core functions of libraries. He has also written about the ways in which informal governance and social norms influence creative production in contexts ranging from the tattoo industry to the clowning community. Creativity Without Law collected much of the growing body of scholarship exploring the interplay between IP and social norms. 

Biography from the University of Michigan Website 

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