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Wissam Aoun

Assistant Professor, University of Windsor & Chair, Law and Technology Law (LTEC)


Niccolò Galli 

Research Associate, EIPIN-Innovation Society


Naina Khanna 

Lecturer of Law, Maastricht University & Early Stage Researcher, EIPIN-Innovation Society


Dr. Anke Moerland

Associate Professor, Maastricht University & Coordinator, EIPIN-Innovation Society

LTEC & EIPIN-Innovation Society Lecture Series:
Transnational IP Law and Innovatio

First speaker series event on March 26, 2021

In this lecture, we will discuss the perceptions and definitions of patent quality that differ based on the group of stakeholders (users, applicant, industry, examiners, judges etc.); kind of academicians and experts (lawyers, economists, technical experts, scientists, marketing experts etc.) defining it. Thereafter, the larger the number of legitimate stakeholders, the more perspectives and so the greater the difficulty in formulating a ‘one size fit all’ definition of patent quality or the more indicators need to be considered. The major risk is that these perspectives may not always be complementary or supplementary to each other. Hence, we will discover how can ‘patent quality’ be possibly conceptualized for the purpose of sound policy making. Further, the lecture will touch upon some of the measures that the EPO and CIOP have taken to tackle the issue of patent quality.


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