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The Online Civil Rights Project and New Collaboration between Spark LLP and Windsor Law

Adrin Shojaie Windsor Law LTEC Lab Student Writer JD, 2020


Windsor Law and Spark LLP are joining their efforts through the “Online Civil Rights Project” to address issues of social injustice in online environments and in emerging areas of law. Spark LLP will expand its pro bono service offerings to victims of various online activities, and the partnership with Windsor Law will create various research and experiential learning opportunities for Windsor Law students and faculty.

The Reclaim Pro Bono Project, will examine the state of the law in Canada and other jurisdictions regarding the unauthorised online disclosure of intimate or sensitive photographs, videos, and other materials. The examination will be used to understand the novel legal issues that emerge in these forms of disclosures and to represent victims of this injustice.

“Our firm is always looking for creative solutions to difficult problems, whether they are our clients’ legal problems or broader problems like those involving barriers to access to justice. By collaborating with the University of Windsor Law School on the Reclaim Pro Bono project, we are able to bring the academic resources of the law school to bear on a complicated and emerging area of law and provide real legal solutions for victims of non-consensual sharing or publication of intimate images. That we are able to do so and provide learning opportunities for students of the law school allows us here at Spark LLP to combine our passions of providing access to justice and mentoring the next generation of lawyers.” Jacqueline Horvat, Co-Founder, Spark LLP

The collaboration creates two new exciting opportunities for Windsor Law students. The Summer Social Justice Fellowship will give a student the chance for a paid, 10-week placement at the Spark LLP office in Toronto. Meanwhile, the Externship Placement will give students the opportunity to work out of the Spark LLP office one to two days a week for course credit. In both roles, students will conduct research for the project under the supervision of Spark LLP partners and Windsor Law Faculty.

Dean Christopher Waters highlighted his enthusiasm for the partnership and its potential in a statement he made. “This project marries two strengths of Windsor Law – law and technology on one hand and experiential learning on the other – and we look forward to working with Spark LLP to develop this opportunity for our students.” These sentiments regarding the project’s beneficial outcomes for students were further supported by Professor Pascale Chapdelaine, Chair of Windsor Law LTEC Lab ( “This new collaboration with Spark LLP will allow Windsor Law students to develop and apply their legal skills and gain practical experience in  emerging areas of law exacerbated by constantly evolving technological environments and trends.”

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