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Windsor Law Team Invited to Oxford IP Moot-Oral Rounds

Madiha Khan, JD '19, Windsor Law

Windsor law has been invited to participate in the 16th Annual Oxford International Intellectual Property Law Moot! Windsor Law is among the 28 teams from law schools around the world that have been invited to take part in the oral rounds based on the quality of their written submissions.  Student team members Annissa Kwok, Nimisha Dubey, and Aaraf Dewan, as well as their coach, Professor Pascale Chapdelaine, will make the trip across the pond next month to the University of Oxford to take part in this highly prestigious competition.

The competition is set to take place from March 15th to 17th and will consist of at least four preliminary rounds, followed by the quarter-finals, semi-finals and a grand final round. This year’s Moot problem tackles copyright and performers’ rights in the context of a fireworks show and a performance by three highly skilled dancing cockatoos. The case will be heard by the (fictional) Supreme Court of Erewhon, and participants must address the four issues set out by the court for appeal, including whether the cockatoo performance and fireworks display constitute a dramatic work, and whether an animal-only presentation can be considered a performance. Full details about this year’s problem can be found here.

Windsor Law is one of  four Canadian law schools selected to take part in this internationally renowned Moot. They will be competing against fellow law students from around the world, including: Singapore, England, China, Switzerland and India. At a recent practice session, the team members expressed excitement and enthusiasm about the fast approaching event in March. A complete list of the finalists for this year’s competition can be found here.

Details about Windsor Law’s participation and successes in the competition in previous years can be found here.

It is with pleasure that we congratulate this year’s team on their hard work and success, and we wish them all the best in the upcoming oral rounds!


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